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2009-04-26, 9:34 p.m.
35 weeks

Poor baby Clara, her pregnancy diary has gotten about zero entries. And I haven't taken a single belly pic. I love you also, Clara J., it's just different the second time around the track.

Oh, except, apparently it's not any different at all. I was wondering why I never feel like eating lately, and then in my 35-week entry with E it talked all about how I never felt like eating and how I was nesting like a fiend. Which is exactly what I'm doing now. I am pretty sure everything is purchased that needs to be purchased, most of the baby laundry is done and sorted and put up (newborn diapers! So cute and tiny!) and I have ordered most of the stuff for Evie's "big sister" bag. I need to get the snacks at Target next time. Also I have sorted through the maternity clothes and the ones that don't fit anymore (read: most of them) are in the storage thing ready to go to the next pregnant lady.

I am hoping this means Clara will be born at 38 weeks also, since I'm having the same symptoms at 35 weeks and E. was born at 38. That makes sense, right? Say yes.

It is storming and my back is hurting so I am going to get off the computer and sit some other way.


2008-12-31, 2:32 p.m.
baby girl!

It's a girl! Ultrasound this morning. Everything looks healthy. I really thought we weren't going to get to find out the gender, as she was all curled up with her feet hiding the necessary view! The tech had me lay four different ways, tilted the table back, had me get up to pee and walk around, and then finally she got the money shot. Evie was saying, "Move, baby!" It was cute. E is excited. We went to the bookstore and let her choose a book for her sister, and then we bought Evie one about sisters which is cute. And we got a name book. Which, by the way: Julia, Josephine, or Clara? Which do you like? We have no idea about middle names. I like "Faith" for a middle name but Jason doesn't.

Well. I'm gonna try for a nap while Evie sleeps. :)

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